Wes has been playing music since he was a child. The first instrument he picked up was a trumpet, which did not last long. After, he decided to try out the drums, but he was only able to rent a snare from the school and quickly lost interest. One day, he was looking around his home and found his dad's guitar. From that point he found his one true passion.  With the love of music, he started playing in his high school jazz band and the band toured Chicago for a couple of shows. By getting involved in the jazz band, he met some musicians and started a band Called Nex 2 Nothin. The band played at various clubs throughout Michigan.  Times where changing and the band members priorities where shifting. The band eventually went their separate ways to pursue their own dreams. He then decided to move to San Diego after visiting a friend living in the area. Wes has now been performing solo acts throughout San Diego for the past nine years at clubs, bars, parties and weddings.